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Rail Services

Rail Services

Tate delivers many diverse air conditioning and ventilation solutions to a vast and safety critical industry.
None more so than the demanding environments and logistical challenges that are faced as part of our
works within the operational rail infrastructure.

Tate has for more than a decade provided an array of air conditioning, ventilation and maintenance
provisions for Network Rail and its partners throughout the Rail Industry. This confidence in Tate has led to
the successful award of the multi-discipline framework contracts for the major managed stations Kings Cross
and St Pancras.

Annual contracts being successfully awarded to Tate from the rail industry range from £150k - £500k.
Couple this with capital installations of major plant, Tate have been secured to deliver works within the rail
infrastructure valued in excess of £500,000. These include works within critical signal centres and smoke
extract systems at a major terminal.

Tate has been offering long term maintenance support for the supply of air conditioning, ventilation,
refrigeration and building management systems along with associated mechanical services. Tate strives to
provide a cost efficient solution to tight budgets along with a safe and secure service provision 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. Recognised by Network Rail as a quality supplier in the industry.

Amongst our direct service provision for Network Rail, Tate provide air conditioning, ventilation and
refrigeration work to many of Network Rail’s mainframe partners in all major stations throughout London.

Having been awarded 5 star ratings in safety requirements, Tate continue to be selected for multiple long
term maintenance contracts within its field. The quality of our service relies upon the in depth understanding
and knowledge of the rail industry and its tailored and individual requirements.

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