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Bespoke chiller packages to meet your individual needs

Our chiller replacement team works in partnership with award-winning manufacturers to offer a range of bespoke water chiller packages for both new and existing installations.

We specialise in providing customised chillers, built to meet the precise requirements of each application. With Tate Technical, your bespoke chiller package is designed to take a number of factors into account, including: physical size, capacity, service access and site water / electrical connection points.

Reduce your Energy costs

Our award-winning efficient chillers are the best products on the market, and can halve your energy costs. Based on the efficiency of our compressors and high-efficiency evaporators and condensers, our chillers offers unparalleled energy savings and low carbon emissions.

The chillers are based on a combination of technologies designed to:

  • Reduce Energy consumption compared with conventional designs based on screw or reciprocating compressors
  • Minimise or avoid leaks
  • Reduce refrigerant charge
  • Ensure reliable operation and quiet running
  • Significantly reduce service and maintenance costs

We provide a full maintenance service and installation service from our London Head offices and service our regional contracts through regional offices based in Oxfordshire, Birmingham, and Havant.

Contact Tate Technical to find out how much your business could save with one of our bespoke chiller packages. For a free, no obligation, site survey please call please call our friendly customer care team on 02393 162333, or email [email protected].